What is your deepest desire?


Its Monday. I hate Mondays, but I hate Tuesdays more because we have to wear the freaking persatuan uniforms. Tak suka la. Anyway, I also hate Thursdays and also Wednesdays and not forgetting Sundays because Sunday is the first day of the week that you have to go to school after having only two days off. Ish ish. The two days seem to fly and the another five days seem like it never ends. Homeworks starting to pile up and I don't know why I'm still typing on this keyboard. Not mentioning, I have to do an Oral test tomorrow. Thinking of taking one of my post that i did last time about the transition from primary school to high school as the subject. Ya think its okay to do that? Hmm.

Oh yea, I finally received all of my results which consist of 2A+, 4A, 3A- and a D. You guys most prolly know what the D is for ain't it. Meluat betul as I boleh buat the questions after i gotten the paper back. Arghh.  That D brings my average percentage down man. Tak sukaaa. Whatever, life goes on. And theres another upcoming exam on the 27th of April which reminds me of Krabi(!) Thats a vacation spot in Thailand FYI, with beautiful beach and stuff. Planning to go there with me mom at the end of April and now theres Exam! I hope the school will like I dont know buat cuti ganti for the Labour day that falls on Saturday or I have to kiss Krabi bye bye :(

I hate school man! Cannot let people be happy for once ah? Meluat! Pray for me so I can go away for a while. I need a vacay la! Ishh. Stuck here lama-lama sangat boleh mati akal tau tak?

Oh, dude, if you keep on treating my friends and your ex-friends like that, I'm going to deal with you and kick you outta my life kay? Capish? You think you're so great? That everyone admires you with your so called bad-ass attitude? Think again. You just like to show off. Cakap ja besar. And you don't need to lie to get my attention. Now thats just pfffft. I don't know how to deal with you anymore dude. Ergh, buat otai pa benda taktau.

Andd, that another should stop looking at me like that, as if i did something wrong. I don't even know you wey! I mean we're not even acquaintances.

Kay la, dah la. I wanna go finish up my homeworks and start studying. First term exam is in 3-4 weeks. If i (hopefully) still can go to Krabi, I don't want to be studying while Im there. So better be ready earlier. Haha. Ciao.