Falling into place.

Hello people.

I'm happy. I'm happy. I'm happy. How about you? I mean I'm happy with my life minus the results for First-term Exam. Everything started to fall perfectly into place and if I start working hard in my studies now, everything will be perfect! So I will work hard now.

Maybe I'm silly to say so because in a flash second something can go wrong but yeah, why not enjoy it when it is perfect? Things are working out one by one with ze boy. My two best girls are amazing. I love them to bits. And everything else are okay. Even my class doesn't seem so bad now. I have some favourite girls now too. I mean not like I like them like a boy likes them or that I like them more than I like my best girls but just.. Hmm.  I don't know. I just kind of adore them in a way. Hehee.

Okay. I wanna go study. Accounts is making me go all whirlie. So yea, bye. Lovess.