Darling, I wish you hadn't been so foolish.

Hello fellow earthlings, broken-hearted people, people in love, people falling out of love and all others.

You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only option. I'm not strong. I can't resist temptations. I can't let go, I can't stop loving, I can't forget, I can't. But I can act and that is with my strongest will to not be so soft.

To hate is easy, to love takes courage. Especially when shit like this happens. Nobody knows what we've been through, nobody knows what really happened throughout the months, nobody knows what really happens now. They can assume all they want but I'm sure they will never understand this thing like how it's suppose to be understood. And you darling, please make things right again. I know it's hard for you but come on it's hard for me too. I know I had prevented you from doing some things that I would like you to do, very much. But it's killing meeeeeeh.

I'm all smiles and shit when people is around but goodness, I'm not all warmth and sunshine on a cloudy day. Takpa. It all will end soon and like I said, it's not then ending unless everything is okay again. So what I'm really saying is, everything will be okay soon. I hope.

Dah. So. You know how the Account Project that we Form Fours have to do and will be like included in the SPM thing. Yeah, it's literally killing us. Literally. Killing. Us. I mean most of us are worried like hell and it's a thing we talk on a daily basis. Meluat gila and like Gahhhh. Lepas tu exam is on the 25th. Each subject, one paper only. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I don't have any freaking idea. I don't want to fail any subjects and I don't want to get like super low, border-line to fail marks either. Please. I'm scared I'm running out of time and memang dah running out of time pun so Ciao. I'm scared :'(