I don't care enough.


Of course, we always want a guy who will fight for us. Who will change their way a bit to be with us. To do something out of his normality to please us. What if the guy just love you, without any act? I mean of course we don't want them to change just because of us but some effort won't kill them, no? Sometimes what they do shows just how much they want to be with us. Just how much they care and to what extend will they go to keep us happy, not to such extend until their happiness is ignored tho, I won't want that.

A friend of mine said something and that something make sense. It is his loss. Why even do such a thing when you said I'm perfect for you? It's seem like I'm the hopeless girl in love now, who's willing to do anything, look over any wrongs and just take everything thrown my way. Maybe I was or I think I was the past few weeks but I think I'm tired? I feel numb menz. It's like if you do, you do. If you don't then you don't. Does it bother me that much? I don't think so, at least not as much as before. I'm not pushing anybody away but I deserve to rebel in this way for a bit. Chase me, chase me hard. Show me you want this, show me you want.. me. I showed you just how much I care, to what extend I would bend down my huge ego, keep my rage away from you, pretend like everything's ok, forgive all the wrongs, give time to make amends which you didn't, all that for you. And I think that has to stop. I give to much. Not like I'm expecting the same in return but at least something? Something even half the effort I gave?

I don't know anymore. So tell me, what do you want? And I don't want explanation in words, I want in actions.