I'm no Akon, You can't put the blame on me.

Nah, Megan Fox kesayangan kau.

Hello, I thought of the title when I was in Accounts. Obviously my mind wanders.

Last night was one of the most horrible night this year. It can't top last year's Most Horrible Night but  it sure do suck, BIG TIME. I finally broke down and kinda err.. Let a few tears stroll down my cute cheeks. Haha. Yeah right. Soooo.. The jerk that had been telling me he loves me, or so he said this past few months, turned out to be a... Jerk. Or this is how he make himself look either by his actions or words or anything that has anything to do with him. God. This is how you treat somebody that you 'love', that you 'trust', that you freaken 'would not find anyone else like you'?

I don't fucking understand. I screamed at Aina, through the phone. I mean not at her or because of her but because of that guy. The Guy. The 'sending sappy long ass text message at 4.14am just because', the 'you're the only one I can be myself with', the 'I know a lot of things about you, because I care', the 'if what we have is really love, then we got nothing to worry about', the 'I won't ever leave you', the freaken 'my heart is with you now'. Haih.

Oh well. He said he got some explanation that I will really understand. Oh I hope I will. If the explanation is legit, then I'll accept it. If the explanation can be tore down even with the slightest blow, then I won't accept it. I'm sensible, not stupid. I'm in love, but I'm still not stupid. I want to believe whatever you say and let you get away with it because I do really love you, but still I'm not fucking stupid. Unlike you. HAHAHA. Kay I take that back.

Dah la. I guess there's not much thing left to do, wait. And see what's the explanation. What's the reason. What is the thing that fucking happen that you have to fucking do something to that extend. I don't care if you got your shit messed up because we all have our shit messed up and I'm still not the one who is fucking giving problems. I'm not pushing you, if I ever even do that? I don't even have the heart to fucking push people and be clingy and make them feel guilty. Because I'm that cool, and good, and kind. Oh yea, so this is why lah kan?

Ok dah dah. My time wasted on you are worthless at the moment. Ciao.