Two weeks too long.

Hello. Another few moments left before berbuka. For us people who puasa of course. Thinking of going for a jog later, hmm.

So school is okay. Accounts is starting to look kind of good. I mean a wee bit better than last time I guess. I was watching the reactions to Scary Maze Game just now when little midget Ixora come trotting along and wanted to know why were all the people in the video is so scared. And who am I to refuse her pretty little face? *smirks. So I showed her. She didn't squeal or yelled or scream or anything as I had turned down the volume, I mean, she's little. I don't wanna go and scare her out of her mind. That can wait for when she grows up. Ok so she watched it and the end part came she just covered up her face and smiled coily at me after that. Ahahaha. Ok, she's cool for a little kid.

I hate pretenders as much as I hate being clingy as much as I hate people clinging on me. Pretenders can fuck off, rot, and go die. And clingy people, go buy yourself a rope and cling yourself to a freaking tree. No need to make me feel bad or anything, I won't. And and, if you wanna tell me you love me, make sure you are not telling the same thing or yeah different thing that holds the same meaning to some other girls as well. That's just cheap. Oh my, so many things testing my patience nowadays. Bulan puasa yang mencabar.

And p/s, people gotta stop being racist. I cannot stand it, really.