Blair Waldorf is epic. Take it or leave it.

Hello Gaga. Are you still busy at the club? Can I come and freaking join you?

I'm currently waiting for Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 1 to reach the 35th minute, so I have another 35 minutes more or less to wait. And I'll be posting some screen-caps from one of my sources too. Hehee.

Okay. You guys don't know how much the latest episode of the new season of Gossip Girl excites me and make me happy. Boy, it makes my day when I watched it. And it bugged me so much when my internet connection went berserk and I have to load it again and again and again. Each time to get it stopped again because the connection went haywire each fucking time. And when it finally fully loaded yesterday, my dad went and freaking close the browser. I was soooo ready to throw my tantrum but I didn't obviously because I am such a nice girl.

Let's jump in into the world of Gossip Girl. And Firas, is that you in my chatbox as 'manusia'? Haha.