How to heal a broken heart? Do nothing.

To all those with a broken heart, who think that you probably won't get over this. Who think that you might not get to sleep without first crying your eyes out. Who think you won't be able to go on a day without thinking about the other person, your other half or whatever you call them. Who think you won't be genuinely happy with anyone else anymore. Who think that it's fucking over and you will be all moppy and emo and probably have emo Facebook statuses, or Tweets scattering all over and annoy everybody else.

Well there's a good news! You guys would probably be over it eventually! Yesss, you will. Just don't think of a way to solve it like 'Oh my god, how can I get him/her out of my head? How?!'. Yeah, that usually don't work. Not really anyway. I mean I went through that stages not a while ago. Whining like a biatch to my girls and have emo statuses and tweets. Well, i have some now but not because of some people who don't even know how to appreciate me.

Well what I want to say is, to girls Or boys if there's any, just don't give up menz. I am soo not giving you the 'There's plenty fishes in the sea' crap because on my opinion that is just some bullshit people make up too make them feel better but memanglah quotes are words to make you feel better kan. Pfftt. But that one is just bull because the heart wants what the heart wants! You can't just tell someone to 'Get over that douche/bitch!' because then they will hold on soo much tighter. Ha ha ha. I'm blogging with experience here.

It's not wrong to be sad or a little bit depressed over some relationships that don't work out because it's how you learn? I mean that is NOT the only thing you'll learn but one of the thing lah. So, feel free to express yourself. Biaq lah what other people think. As if they never get their heart broken kan?

I know the entry is like scattered around. I'm no good in making any entry flow beautifully but I hope you'll get the point anyway. And if you're feeling sad of any kind, I suggest you make a playlist of some upbeat songs that will cheer you up and make your problems go away for a few minutes, turn the volume up and sing along. Or make up the words if you don't know the lyrics. Always work for me.

Dah, don't be too depressed because believe me, it will all be okay sooner or later.