Let the games begin.

Hello helloo.

School started yesterday. Good god you don't know how much I'm suffering. The exam results are disastrous. Work is piling up. I mean it's not like a small pile either it's like monstrous, big, humongous pile. And yet I have time to type some stupid entry kan and, that's not even it. I have Princess Diaries 2 playing in the background. Ha ha.

Okay so let's see. I have some Accounts Folio thing that I have to do, the documents and the stock cards. Followed by some typed documents that had been printed out and now have to be transferred into Microsoft PowerPoint. And then, I have to do this Khat, well I don't know how it's supposed to be spelled but you know the Arab calligraphy thingy. Haha shut up don't laugh.

Soo, it seems like I should get to work now kan? Yeah, I suppose so but let me finish this entry first.

You know how some people likes to play games, I mean fine I like them too. At least, I tell the other participants the truth and am not some lying, slick, manipulative biatch. Gosh this is soo frustrating. It's so frustrating that it gets to the point that I don't ever care anymore. So be it, if its games you want. Then fucking games you will get. Good luck to you, and also you. I think you will need loads of it. Lovess.