Racism at its best.

There's no time for introduction.

I'm fucking sick of this racism issues. Pointing fingers. This, that. Malays, Chinese, Indians. The Malays deserve this. The Chinese had done that. The Indians had said this. Posting Youtube videos. Blaming people. Freedom of speech kepala hotak kau. If it's suppose to clear those fogs inside some people's little mind then it's ok but if it's to provoke other people then keep your mindless ramblings to your own self. Corrupting other people's mind just because yours is already corrupted is not the solution to anything.

I know there are some cases by which fire can be put off by using fire but if you yourself don't fucking know how to handle the fire that you yourself created then don't even fucking try dimwits. Use water instead, to be on the safe side. I mean, I know it seems like stupid to put out such a big fire in a dry land by just using water but if the water come from many sources, then it would be put out easily. Working together? Helloo? DingDingDing? Ring a bell on how does working together really helps in practically everything if just every member of the group and in this case, the country contributes something useful.

No races should be blamed. It's about the individuals and how they are brought up or in what society they're living in or in what circle are they're in now or how their corrupted minds works. Even by saying 'I like those kind of Malays / Chinese / Indians'. Then it clearly shows that your mind is a wee bit corrupted, there's a border between humans. You're not looking at everyone equally or individually but instead you classify them into races. Their acts and words are seen in a different point of view for every different races.

Racist. Racist are one whole race on its own. Now, that's the only race you should be bashing up. The whole population in the world, at least the sensible ones hate racist and do not want to end up being one. And god forbid, please don't drop to their level even if you want to give them a lesson.

I lived in the world for approximately 16 years and 6 months, realized there is a boundary between humans since I was 10 because before that, I don't even give a shit. And I am already sick, SICK with it. I don't know if it's because it's gotten worse in my time or because it is just one sick issue to begin with. I don't know how other people who are supposed to be more oh-so-mature can still be spraying alcohol onto the burning fire. That just fucking shows ain't it? That age doesn't mean anything if your mind is corrupted and as tight as a size 8 lady squeezing herself into a size 2 jeans.

Don't think that I don't know and had over-looked and don't give a shit about the past. About what had happened. But that's just it kan? It's the fucking past. You learn from it, stay away from the mistakes, not replaying them over and over again. You think it's fun ah replaying all the horrible mistakes that you once did? It's like replaying your nightmares over and over again every fucking day. And it's not the race that are so called 'evil', it's the person, individual. Get it?

And as for the religions. Just stay away from that. Bashing up the races that supposedly living in harmony is one thing, talking shits about religions is another.

I fucking hates it when a person from one race pointing fingers at another race saying they deserve the humiliation and violation just because some other person from the other race had said or did something. I fucking hates it when a person from one race stood up for his/her race for all the wrong reasons and not even trying to straighten up the fact but just by bashing them up. I'm sick with people who sometimes bash one race just to gain approvals from the others. I'm sick with people who thinks their race is superior than the other.

I don't know how to make this clearer. I don't even think that this issue will end. There will always be one attention seeking whore (regardless the gender, or the race, or the age) that will pull some publicity stunt or said or do something just because they are simply close-minded and mindless. There will also always be some people who will talk shits about the others. This issue will always be around, it's up to us human population or let's just say Malaysian to handle it, not by rage or your heart, but by using the very generous gift of our god to us, our human mind (not the closed-minded ones either).

Let's be a little bit civilized now, can we?

( I got more but that's it for now because this issue gets me real mad and I don't wanna go to bed in angst )