Study like rock stars?

Ahh hello.

Finally I have hold on to my words about making an entry about animal cruelty. I know I didn't say much but the pictures that count, no? Once you guys see the pictures, words are not needed as you will be filled with this rage and disappointment and you guys don't need any explanation anymore. So yeah.

Exam is in another week. I have been feeling pretty tired and down. Everybody in my form has gone partially insane. Skipping most of the school days and having our own study week. I'm thinking of doing that too. It's nearly the end of the year and the school will end a day after our finals end so there's not really much harm. I mean, what can the teachers do anyway kan? It's only a few extra days to skip school now, there's not much time anymore.

Everybody is so anxious to get better grades. To fucking improve and prove that we can do it. This is the most important exam in our Form 4 life, of course everyone is anxious, me included so why I am still typing away like  there's no tomorrow? Because I'm fucking scared. Seriously. I had been praying that I would get good results and I'm scared that when the exam days come, when I am facing the papers and I can't answer properly, I would really break down. Woah, total break down on exam day. It would be awesome in such awful ways.

Okay dah, so emotional flings and feelings aside, that doesn't really matter at the moment. Not until another month, when the finals ended and we can partayy like a rockstar! So now before we can celebrate like a rockstar, we're gonna study our asses of like a rockstar giving their all at their rock concerts.