Wanna bet on how long we'll stay?

Hello people. It's been 5 days since the last post. I'm so active in blogging.

Nothing much lately. Homeworks are piling up. Sejarah and B. Melayu especially. Maybe because I hate doing notes and karangan. Despite all that, i still went out yesterday. With me friends. The real reason was to go out with Atiqah, as it will be her birthday soon! Hehee. Watched a Malay movie. Kind of funny. Hmm.

Nothing much yesterday. Spent the last night figuring things out. Was wide awake till dawn, so was the other person. You know how I was so caught up in all the emotional stuff last time and now it is getting better I should be happy? At least feel better? But no, I don't really feel anything. Numb maybe, a little bit flattered but that's it. I think. I don't know. It's weird. But yeah, as time goes by, we'll know. So we hafta wait only now that everything is cleared up there are no more conflicts. Not much anyway, can relax a bit.

Nothing much today. Supposed to go to Jamuan Raya at the school but I opt for cheese toast and Sushi instead. I like to change my mind on the very last minute. I think I do better with sudden decisions, the unplanned want. So I'm un-planning everything now. Hahaha. Bongok.

Okay I have to go now. Finishing my Sejarah work. Good night, and no please don't say ily, say the whole thing! Haha.