A boy becomes a man when..

Hello. Does it bother you if I post Gif-s of hot guys like this? It's basically nothing because we can see shirtless guys everywhere but.. Ahh who cares. It's hot and maybe it can take your mind off of other stuff. So I'm giving you a peace of mind here.

Let us see,

A boy becomes a man when…

  • He is there for you, all the time.
  • Just by looking at you/hearing your voice, he could sense something is wrong and so he would try to cheer you up/ease your burden/help solve your problems.
  • He stands proudly for what he thinks is right, even though he is standing alone and everyone else is against him.
  • He admits his mistakes and tries to make things right.
  • He forgives and forgets - he does not hold grudges against anyone who has done wrong to him. 
  • He respects your decisions although he disagrees with you.
  • He tells the truth even though he knows the truth would hurt you badly.
  • He does not look down on other people, he treats everyone equally - rich or poor, young or old, sick or healthy.
  • He keeps his words and would not break his promises.
  • He helps strangers without any intention of getting rewards in return.
  • He still be your friend even after you tell him you did not have any feelings for him.
  • He takes responsibility for his actions.

And also, does he becomes a man when he has the ability to take off his shirt and make all the girls gap and squeal and scream. Well I bet that counts too.

Okay so yeah, if you have a boy like this, in front of your eyes and is courting you? Would you grab him and never let go? If this boy exist, which is very much possible, then he's quite a good catch kan? Would you ever let him walk away?