Perfect Waist-to-Hip Ratio & the Golden Face Ratio


Okay, so you guys know about the perfect waist-to-hip ratio? The Golden Face Ratio? Yeah. Those ratios and math in beauty to make us feel bad for ourselves for not having the perfect ratios. NOT. Haha. I mean, it's cool to have the perfect ratios but you see, I think it's quite easy to achieve those and even the most attractive person I could've think of right now *Angelina Jolie* doesn't fit the perfect ratios. She is nowhere near the perfect face ratio and she turns out to be beautiful ain't she? And have a handsome hubby - before he decided to act like a caveman and NOT shave - and have gazillion of babies.

Anyway, it's still cool to try out those things. I have a like, a mask that you can put on top of your face - in a picture of course - with your face facing full front and no smiling or what not, but you can still use it i think. I'll put it out later. But I had been putting it on quite a few faces and they all kinda fits. Except one or two. So, meaning we are all beautiful? That's so cool :D

Then there's this Waist-to-Hip ratio. The ration that men found most attractive on us women is 0.7. How to determine our ratio? Well that's easy. You measure the smallest part of your waist, that is usually the same level as your elbow when you put your hands down and then you divide it with your hips measurement. Now, here is the part where I'm confused at. Some of the webs ask you to measure the widest part of you 'hips/buttocks' but when I Googled hips, the answer for the widest part of your hips are at the bony part, level with the pelvic bones. If it's divided by the buttock's measurement, then it's easy to achieve the 0.7 ratio. If we have to use the upper part of the hips, then it is disastrous, at least for me. Haha.

Either way, you can try both of it. And if you have ratio above 0.8, you have a greater risk in getting diseases. I have a 25 inch waist. A 30.3 inches upper hips. A 35.8 lower hips. And a 36.2 bust. Okay I know, shut up, no laughing. Considering that I'm only 5' 4.2", these measurements are.. well, not up to the society standard which is kinda asdjhsdjkash but ah da fakkkk lah kan. One can't be everything, at least not for now. Ahaha.

Soo, have fun calculating and hovering the mask that I had provided you down there over your full front pictures. Check what ratio you get and if you want to really see how you face is measured up, you can visit.. well somewhere, i can't remember the url but I'll give it as soon as I remember.

Okay so here is the mask. If you're using Photoscape then you'll understand me better as I'm using Photoscape which you can download easily from but I', sure it's pretty much the same if you're using other softwares. So, right click on the picture and save it. Open up one of your full-front photo and then 'insert' the photo of the mask. Change the opacity until you can see your face behind the mask and try to fit it in. You can resize it by dragging the corners which is easier to control. See, if your features are situated perfectly! Or not.