So I guess, this one is for infinity?

I like you. No you don't got nothing to prove to me.
I know that time has been rough,
For the both of us. I pray for a change.
You see this world has lots to offer but in time it will go dark,
and if this love is what we see it is, I'm sure we will go far.


The first thing you whould know if you want to be close, or a good friend to me, is that you shouldn't bother me 24/7. Of course, it seems like a cute gesture at first but it gets pretty much annoying soon enough. I mean, I don't just sit around texting, talking on the phone all day you know. I have stuff to do and places to go. Ok well, maybe not places to go but yeah, I do have stuff to do. I'm a 16 year old, doesn't that mean anything to you?!

Currently, I only have good drama in my life. The kind of drama that spruce up your day in a good way, you know? I mean, there are still some annoying stuff that happens now and then everyday but those are ok compared to what I have to go through before. I also know, that there are some drama unraveling themselves. I don't know if I should let 'em pass by me untouched or if I should try and stop it from creating hell on earth. Haih.

I really don't know what to do. The funny thing is, the only thing that is stable in my life now is the one thing that had once turned my life upside down, inside out. I'm glad this one thing turned out okay. We should keep it this way kan? :)