The society fucked up our minds.

Hello again.

Society had clearly set a standard on what pretty is. I don't. Though, I can put myself in the eyes of the society and view what pretty or beautiful is. I, would not be in that group. This can be kinda harsh. I mean, the standard thing. Not me not being up to that standard thing. I don't really care. Not much anyway. But some girls would because I had been in that phase but thank goodness I got my senses back. Fuck society, their rules and standards don't really apply to me these days.

We, Us who are not up to the society's pretty standard sometimes can have low self-esteem. We walk the world to be unnoticeable and all that shit. I pretty much forgotten on how that feels because I grown out of it. Society fucks up our minds. I hate how the society is able to fuck up our minds. They control everything. Everything. Pretty girls always get what they want, or that is what I see. Yeah you can deny all you want but that is somewhat the truth.

Sometimes we have our down moments, when we saw pretty girls walking down the streets or browsing through Facebook and see gorgeous girls roaming around getting all the attentions. But see, usually we are greater in something else. Maybe we have greater sense of fashion, or we aren't afraid to go pretty-ugly, or we're just smarter in any sense. Haha. So yeah, I have had my down moments but then I figured there are more than to your face. Although first appearance are very important for some of us, even me. So we try to fit in, nothing wrong in that. We try to fit in, and then we'll pop up because we don't fit in the society standards anyway. We're much more awesomer than that.

So I'll say, cheers for whomever that is not fucked up by the society. Or at least not anymore.