A-a-a-a-a-azhar, Happy Birthday.


It's me, Ezleen. And that dude up there is Azhar two years back.  I still remember his pink-striped pants. And his love of covering half of his face. Susah kott nak snap gambaq dia -.- He keeps emo-cute pictures in his phone. He is pretty much awesome, although he can be annoying at times. Haha. I think I have pictures of him without any covers, I mean without him covering half of his face but haih, kita tunjuk ja la macam mana si Azhar ni sebenaqnya. Haha. 

It's the third of March, and he's officially 17. Congrats to you for being alive and not in deep shit or whatever shit, you're in good condition all around. I hope there's many more of your birthdays to come so I can wish you still. Happy Birthday Azhar, god bless and may everything will be better onwards :3