Everybody is likable, but I don't conform to the norm.


I love Eminem, period. He was the first rapper/artist I listen too. His first song that I was absolutely crazy about is Mockingbird, a song about how he loves his daughters sooo much that he is willing to do anything to protect them. I admire him for his ability to tell us about his life, tell us about his journey that can be related to most people in only a few minutes. I love how he shows his feelings, and is 'Not Afraid' to show the world that he too makes mistakes ( like when he is suffering from alcohol addiction & he is not 'ashamed' to wear his  AA locket to the Grammy's ). I admire him for his courage to stand up against the world, to stand on what he believes anddddd to shit the crap out about his wife in his songs. Hahaha.

I strongly agree with his song, Beautiful. Dah lama keluaq dah lagu ni tapi baru sekarang rasa nak.. nak do whatever this thing I'm doing. Everyone is beautiful in a way, everyone has something special in them, everyone is worth it. At least that's how I see the people around me. I may not likee everybody. Heck, I don't like most of them but I believe that each and every one of them has something special in them. I may not like them but other people would. I may not know why they are likable by their 'crew' but I believe they're entitled  to be like anyway.

For each and every person that you don't exactly like, there's a person as that to you. I knew few people who  I found rather annoying at first but then they grow on me, you know. Like you miss them when they're not plastering their annoying faces around. Haha. I'm not gonna name names here :x You shouldn't be hating anybody for no particular reason, or be nasty towards others.

I know this one kid, who thinks he's the bestzzzzzz. Like come on. He is shitty towards people who I think, he thinks that are not up to his 'standard'. Because he is the bestzzzzz you see. These kind of people, though are likable by some, are hated by many behind their backs. These people make it hard for people like me to like them. They may be nice to me, but I still don't like how they are so.. stuck up. So.. dumb. So.. full of themselves. They're great in some ways there's no point denying it but haih, memang kalau aku boleh tampaq bagi depa sedaq aku dah buat dah. 

I don't like people. Dumb, self-worshiping, think-they're-the-awesomestzzz people.