'Ooops I Did It Again'


I barely, barely survived today. Chemistry hates me, period. Seriously, Chemistry hates me so much. I was sooooo sleepy during Paper 3. I started writing crap. Crap! when I was writing the procedure for the Rate of Reaction experiment. It was hilarious I started laughing, like quietly la. I always do that. Haih.

I just realised yesterday, that I have exam on Saturday. Damn it. I wanted so badly to go and watch Black Swan. I guess I have to do it on Friday then. Oh shit, look at me, worrying about not getting to watch a movie rather than worrying I have to sit for an exam on Saturday. Oh well, typical Ezleen. Nothing new about that.

I have a 'Ooops I did it again' moment. I don't know what to doo. I'm too caught up in it already. Help :\

Tomorrow is Accounts 2 & Maths. Yippeeee. Not.