Best friends, treat them right.


Bestfriend. Who do you call your bestfriend? What is a bestfriend anyway? This is one of the thing that has loads of answers. Different to every people. Some may say a person that you are with everyday. Some may say the person who is always there. Some may say bestfriend is someone who lends their shoulder. Or even someone who can share their tears.

But I say, a bestfriend is a person who might not has any blood relation to you but you feel like the blood that flows through your veins are the same. The person whom you do not need to worry if you need him/her at 3 am in the morning. A bestfriend is someone who will be the first to know your secrets and you would be the first to know theirs. Bestfriends are people who would do anything they could for each other. The one that you do not feel the need to hide anything from. The one that you feel comfortable with. The one who would judge you for your own good & you would not feel like biting their heads off.

A bestfriend is someone who will not mind to stand behind you to support you, stand beside you to help you through or to walk in front of you to guide you. A bestfriend is someone who would stay away from you just to see how well you can get through but will always be there for you. Bestfriends can fight, quarrel, scream their heads off or even have a freaking smack down, but before you know it they will be laughing and hugging each other like nothing happened.

A bestfriend may not know everything about you, may not know you inside out but they sure try to. They want to. Bestfriends are people who can all have their own lives and would not worry that they would not be bestfriends anymore. Bestfriends are people who would always have each other's back, who would not talk behind their backs. Who would not kiss asses and just be honest. They may not give out the best advice but will always be ready to kick the person who had hurt their best friend arse.

Bestfriends are people that had been through enough drama to last their whole lives and never get tired of supporting each other. Bestfriends are people who have that special bond. Bestfriends are when other people see, they would know they have that special thing going on. Bestfriends for me are indescribable. The're too much too say and no words to describe them exactly how they are. Bestfriends are special.

Being bestfriends or having bestfriends is a bliss. For you to know there will always be that one or two or three or even more person that is/are always there for you, is a heavenly feeling. And if they feel the same way about you, the better.

How many bestfriends do you have? How many TRUE bestfriends do you have? I don't call a lot my bestfriends like some people do. No, it's not wrong. It's just how some people see it. Some may have one, some may have two or three. Some may have not less than ten. It's not important, if you can really call them your bestfriend and they're not afraid to call you theirs.

Whatever in between, just be a good friend. If you call them your bestfriends, then Treat. Them. Right.