The Caller ID.

The phone rang, and you saw the caller ID. And suddenly your whole world seems to be a little bit brighter. It may just be your imagination, but yes, the world suddenly stops and the only sound you can hear is your ringing tone. A smile crept onto your face without you knowing and suddenly you look like an idiot smiling so widely to a ringing phone.

And as fast as the feeling of euphoria came, it disappear. Just. Like. That. And worst still, you are left feeling worse. Worse than before. So you cry. You try to stop the tears from dropping over such useless reason. But you can't, and with all the hormones your glands are secreting, you know it would be useless to even try.

How can a person that is no longer in your life, give such a big impact? And how is it possible that you yourself is giving a damn about that one person and that one tiny little thing that person does when you're so cool in ignoring all the other people that had walked away?