Que Sera Sera - A Goodbye Wish.

Why do I feel so sad?
Why do I feel like there's something stabbed me in the back?
I shouldn't feel this way.
I'm in no position to say. 
I guess now we're gonna go separate ways.
Both of us now have to pay,
The price of being super nice,
When we know we're not playing with a fair dice. 
I'll always miss your horny jokes,
And the way you make me choke,
Keeping me breathless with laughter,
And always make my days better. 
No longer we would fight,
At the end of each phone call day or night,
No more pinky promises,
As there wouldn't be anymore goodbye wishes. 
So here's my way of expressing,
A fraction of things that I'm thinking,
As they say; Que Sera Sera,
And really; I would remember you forevaa.

By Ezleen Shukor

So long, budak.
More Than Words :D