Words can be our greatest weapon.


Sometimes I judge people. And sometimes you do too. But if you really never ever ever judge anyone, then good for you. Haha. I judge, but I don't make it such a big deal if it isn't meant to be such a big deal. Making note to myself. Precautions, precautions.  Just making a mental note to myself.

The easiest way to mark someone that I would not like or I would admire is by Facebook or Twitter or blog. Because that's where people are.. being people. And because they would have to type and 'write' to make themselves heard.

Doesn't matter if you're younger or a whole lot older. I admire some young kids who have the awesomeness to use proper grammar, proper words, proper spellings. This doesn't rule out all the other things lah. But well.. it plays an important role.

Words can be the greatest weapon to mankind. Prophet Muhammad uses words. Well, he uses his wisdom but he puts them into words. We connect to our God with words too kan? And we try our best to use the best sentence that we could come up with, with God.