Emotional pains turn to physical pains. Heartache!


You know something that they call the gut-feeling? It's mostly a reaction to something, you feel an uneasiness. You just feel it in your guts, like in the pit of your heart. If you are hurt, you would feel like your heart starts beating faster and your chest feels tighter and then you would feel pain somewhere in your chest. You feel as if your heart is broken or your heart aches.

Well thats partly true. I mean, memang betul your heart aches. Because emotional pain can lead to physical pain. When you're emotionally hurt by embarrassment, rejection, relationship problems, break-ups etc etc, you would feel that your heart aches. But emotional pain bukan macam bila 'sakit hati' saja, if you really miss that person because you know takkan nak contact 24/7 or stress etc etc. Heck, bila tengok drama or movie sedih pun boleh rasa sakit hati tu kan, haha.

When you're emotionally hurt, theres this part of your brain, the anterior congulate cortex that regulates the emotional reactions may respond by increasing the activity of a kind of a nerve. The nerve connects from the brain to the neck, chest and abdomen. When the nerve is overstimulated, in a simple way of saying, dah terlebih dah, would cause  pain or nausea. Which explains your 'heartburn', 'heartache', 'sakit hati', 'hancur hati' etc etc.