Even the greatest poet fail to describe love.


It's already the 31st day of 2012. Sebulan dah lepas. Macam tak percaya. Time flies so fast yet all the memories seem so distant and far away. I don't know how is that even possible but my head works in its own way I guess.

Nobody knows how much I love you but naturally, no one actually knows how much the heart can feel. Not even a mad genius, not even the greatest scientist, not even the greatest poet who had describe love the best he can and still thinks he failed. People can talk shit all they want, because they think only their love is true or pure but reality check people! Every kind of love is different but that doesn't make it any less true or pure.

Maybe God make me feel this way to show me that even when I lost that one thing I cherish the most and feel excruciating pain, He will always be here. Or maybe to make me stronger. Maybe to show me that a good thing doesn't come without problems first and it takes the right kind of people to work with to gain it. Or maybe so that I would think before giving hopes to people only to crush it later. Maybe to let me know not everything will go as expected but we have to go through it anyhow.

You are loved.