A Hopeless Romantic.

Hahahahaha. A supposedly hopeless romantic, who now turns and run as fast as her feet could carry when love comes knocking at her door. What did that to her? A bad break up? All the failed relationships around her? Watching hearts get crushed? Feelings got played? Emotions set aside? 

Not exactly. Not exactly. But they really do trigger something, something in her soul to build a barrier around her love. She is still a hopeless romantic. Falling for people she barely know, for the sweet words they whisper to her willingly open ears. 

But that's all for show. She hopes what she feels is real. She hopes she's really falling for someone. She hopes she can love someone with all her heart. She hopes.. She hopes.. she can love again.

Maybe this is something that she should welcome. After all, what that had did to her? She got broken up inside. Maybe when the time is right, when her soul meets the right one for her, she'll love. Maybe this is one way her soul is saving her, from being hurt once more.

She's too cautious now. But maybe that's just her growing up.