You're worth more than what they said you do.


Sometimes I feel like putting a shield in front of you, from those really evil tormenting criticizing unmerciful people. I get that everybody judge but some can be really harsh. They have no idea who/what you really are. I want everybody to know how awesome you are, how great you can be in all that matters. But thinking again, I got selfish and I feel like maybe it is better this way. For me and only a handful of people to know how great you are. So that we can have you all to ourselves.

Looks, wealth, education. Those are the most important aspects nowadays. But as I walked, fell, crawled to get back up again, I now know, there are other important (if not more) things we should look in a person.

To the people who think you sunk in the ocean of people who fits the mold of the society's A-listers, don't worry. We cherish you all the same (if not more). So I hope yu gaiz will cherish me too. I promise I'm awesome too. Hahaha.