Lost & Found: Love note.

I don't know if this love is going to last or if it's eternal or if it's my happy ending but at the time being, this love is what I want to protect. You know how jewelry stores showcase their most valuable jewelry inside a glass box with extra protection? That's how I guard my love. Sorry if you're suffocating.

Thank you for making me happy at times. And thank you for making me miserable too, as it reminds me that nothing last and nothing is perfect & we have to deal with it. Thank you for letting me be me. Thank you for loving me the way I am.

I know I am very, very irrational and childish at times. I whine, I cry, I get upset over the smallest things possible and I seem weak when I'm by your side. Just like how we whine at our mothers when we're young for comfort, I'm doing it with you, now. 

Till death do us part.