All the cliches in the world couldn't help.

There are some things in life, that nothing can teach you better than experience. It's a lot like studying, only different. Let's say, in Calculus ( haha because one of the killer subjects I'm taking. At least before I jump into Semester 4 ) after you know how to do it, then you have to go through a little more than a lot of questions to get the hang of it. 

In how to handle life without making yourself miserable even if others are, after people tell you how you should handle it, you have to go through a lot more than a lot of pretty fucked up situations or one really horrible one before you would get the hang of it.

That is why, concerning situations that are involved with fucked up people fucking up other individual's life, I have nothing more to say ( or think ) than, 'You'll get used to it. You'll learn to manage the pain. You'll be waving them off next time. You'll get to control your feelings soon'. Because I know, nothing can be said to make the feelings disappear. All the cliches in the world couldn't help. 

But someday, you can even make yourself go all 'Yeah. I don't care' and you ACTUALLY don't care after few seconds of wondering. It's possible, people. I know it's not nice for a lady to cuss but next time, just go 'Fuck the others' and then continue doing carpe diem-ing with your life.