Carpe Diem!


Long time no seeee. I've been busy doing nothing. Yup. That's exactly what I'm doing. Few of my friends are busy doing nothing too, I'm worried. Are we this unproductive? The fact that my friends are all either still in their semester or not near enough is depressing.

That is why, today, I am going to do something. A DIY project. Entah jadi entah tidak but still, I'll be doing something. Kan? I'll post it up IF jadi. Haiz. This is so sad and so enjoyable at the same time.

I need to think of ways to carpe diem every single way (without gaining weight so keluar makan makanan sedap is OUT of the question double sigh) for another 7 weeks. I cuti lama okay jangan jealoussss.

Roger and out!