Crawling under your skin.


I've been better. In the aspect of controlling my emotions. I guess. At least better than before. I used to get all worked up just because someone opposes my principle of life. What they do bothers me. I can't stand how they can do something that is so wrong in my eye. If it's THAT wrong in someone's eye, it can't be that good right?

Anyway, now.. I can just be irritated for some time, usually not more than few minutes of the occurrence and  then I let go. It's not healthy for my mind I should think to be angry for something somebody who doesn't even matter that much to me did. I just.. have better control of my emotions and me oh my, do you know how hard that is to do when you're a teenager?! When you're 19?!

People toy with your emotions. Love, friendship, expectations bundled up and forced onto your shoulders and for some, the burden to fit in or to stand out from the crowd, all balled up into one. It may sound drama-queen-ish but it is hard.

And this way, I feel better. You guys should try it if you hadn't already. Don't let unauthorized people get under your skin anymore. They would not be the one paying for the consequences.