Do you dog-ear your books?

Sometimes I wish my followers on Twitter consist only of people who do not really know me or meet me on a daily basis or live around me. And when that time comes, I'll be on here most of the time. Or I'll tweet when the Timeline is basically dead.

So I still have a quarter of the book left to read before I can know the ending. Although, I kind of peeked at the Q&As that Jodi Picoult's novels always have at the end so I kind of know that the boy got off from the trial. I mean, I think I always knew that. That he would got off. I just wanna know how.

Anyway, I noticed that I had dog-eared all of my books. Be it novels, comics, school books, text books etc.  I will fold down the top corner of the page where I left off and the bottom corner of the page where there's some interesting or important piece of writing. Like one line that I really like. I don't know why some people want to keep their books as if they just bought it. Some won't even open the book as much because they're afraid that the spine will break. I mean, that's all good in keeping a book in good shape. But for me, all those things make those books mine.

Books are meant to be read, to be devoured page by page for millions of times (if it is even possible). So why not make it look like it has?