I found out that everybody talks. Everybody talks too much.


I'm back. Back in Kulim. Back at home. My own heaven on earth. I will be home for 2 whole months. Yippee! Reason: Semester Break. Had no plans. Just seizing whatever I could everyday. But one thing for sure, would be spending all the time ( up to 95 percent ) with family and few close friends.

I have grown to think that I kind of... I'm just not fond of people. Everybody else other than my family and few close friends. I'm friendly, yes. I'm all smiles, yes. But I'm not fond of people. Some people managed to grasp my attention but not more than a month or so. I don't make friends easily. I don't even want to. The few I have, I cherish them a lot. If you are one, you would know because I would spend my time on you.

Some people might say, go out, make some friends, you're in college now, spread around. But this just how I'm wired. And I'm totally fine with it. And if I'm fine with it, there's no legit reason for other people to not be fine with it.