All the small things.

I love how all the small details made my day. We often focuses on the big picture, we overlooked all the small details. You wait for something big, significant to happen before saying that you had a great day. That's no fun at all. 

One good compliment from a lecturer. A smile from a stranger. A fun dialog with a friend. A glimpse of your crush. A smile from the love of your life. A good morning wish. Somebody offering you free food. Smell of clean and fresh bed sheet. A good run in the evening. Sleeping early. Waking up early. Nice view of the sunset. Getting a new high score on flappy bird. Ending the day with a good night wish from that person, your person. 

All those things can make your days if you let them. Live your life, doing all the things you will do if you can rewind them. Get me? Like do not live your life leaving 'if'-s behind. Eg. If i told her this. If i actually say hi to him. If i went to class.