The superiors.

What I do, what I say on public social networking sites are mostly about me. Only that I refer myself as a third person. 

We ourselves are our biggest critique. I know I'm not perfect and most of the time, I don't even try to be. But atleast I know where I stand. 

I was once, that person who judge others, silently of course. But now, seeing people judging others and expressing them harshly in public social networking sites, make me realize the comments reflect back at them. Lagi lagi yang very rude. 

Shaming people in public tak kisah lah directly or publicly, how great or clever you think your comments are, never reflect good on you. Nevurr. 

And oh, (maybe it's okay to think but) to act as if you're more superior than other people, chances are.. most probably.. you're not. It's okay to be humble you know.