Everybody talks to much.

I am writing from my laptop. Which I haven't done so in maaaaaybe a few years. Phew. I'm just in a really uncomfortable place right now. I mean, not literally. Like emotionally and stuff like that. I don't think I'm allowed to have like teenage angst and all that anymore since I'm like 22 now *cringe*. But I sure as hell feels like having some sometimes.

And what's with making a mistake, making a mental note not to do it again and BAM!, doing it again. So frustrating. Also, I'm having ~*trouble*~ giving fck. I mean like I would think about what other people would say if I do this, or that, but then I'll just go heh they'll just have to deal with it okay. And (this is the last 'And' I swear) i have come to realize that what other people say, would not have any effects whatsoever on who I am or my self worth, so talk away.


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