With social media conquering out lives, it's very hard not to get overwhelmed seeing how other people are living their lives. Whether we know them, or just random people we found in our explore pages. Some are so beautiful it hurts to watch them, some are so so successful you feel so so so tiny and useless.

I have to keep myself in check. Focusing on what i want in life. What i really want, and all the others are just.. extras. A little something on the side. There's this lesson i learnt from my pre-teen novels, some people can do everything and be good at them. Some people however, have to focus on one thing but will be great in it.

Not everybody is built the same way. Definition of success is different for every individual. Every path is different! But of course, thats not a reason to be slacking off. Work for what you want. Just dont get distracted by allllllllll the things you see. 

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