Final year of bsc.

Shit is getting pretty real. I'm on my final year of my bsc. One more semester then I'm off for my internship. Paksu said..

Start on top. Something big. Do NOT settle. Just because you think or people say its hard, dont give in. When you start with something big, then you won't go towards something smaller. Start as high as you can, then keep on climbing. 

Internship is going to be something totally new and totally foreign for me. Am i scared? Heck yeah. Will i do good? I have no frickin idea but i hope so. This is way way different from studying and sitting for finals. I have no idea how it would turn up. 

For someone who expects herself to get good results in wht she does, this new and foreign thing brings in anxiety. Loads of it. But nevermind, if things go wrong, then she'll just have to suck it up and learn to do it the right way. She should atleast be strong enough for that.

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