People are built differently.

Stop comparing yourself please. People are built differently. A little less of this, is made up with a little more of that. Altho there are some unfortunates (like me) who don't have any talent whatsoever, i like to believe that my lackless of talent is made up with a little more somewhere else. Which is fine by me. Accepted it more and more each day. Made peace with it. Be grateful of the 'a little more'. Enhance it. Embrace it. Make something useful out of it. 

If you think you have nothing.. Think again. And when you start comparing yourself.. Stop. Like i said, not everybody is built the same. Imagine a world where everybody does (and knows) only the same frickin thing. Same mind. Same way of thinking. Same set of skills. Same attitude. Same hobbies. Same favourite food. Same taste in men/women. Thebalance  wud be out, out, out. How would that work out huh? 

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